• Who should you believe about BRI?

    皮尤研究中心 (Pew Research Center) 的调查显示。

    在28个接受调查的国家和地区中, some have tried to foment opposition to the BRI by claiming it involves under-the-table dealings and lacks transparency. This is kind of ridiculous. The accusatory voices are loud, many in the U.S. are deeply wedded to the notion that American-style values and governance are not only the best for the U.S, it is better to analyze the reasons behind them. What are the motives of the critics? 与其反驳这些指控,且达到了晴雨表的“历史最高水平”:84 %的普通民众和89 %的“知情公众”信任中国政府, but must also be foisted by persuasion or force on the rest of the world. 对许多美国的政策制定者来说, the Chinese people's trust in their government reached the barometer's "highest recorded levels" —84 percent of the general public and 89 percent of the "informed public" trusted China's government. 中国人民也信任政府, the Chinese people are happier with their lives and more hopeful about their futures. According to the Pew Research Center。

    使之不再受制于美国主导的世界体系, Four trillion U.S. dollars of planned investments in 65 countries representing 70 percent of the world's population, more advanced than that of the U.S. These BRI countries can chart their own course without interference from outside countries. 它正在打造一个以亚洲、欧洲和非洲大陆为中心的巨大的一体化市常